Talks & Workshops

My Online Workshops are in partnership with Sky&Telescope, the world’s most well-known astronomy magazine based in Boston area.
Sky in Motion: Time-Lapse Astrophotography
How to Photograph the Milky Way
Nightscape Astrophotography: Untold Secrets
Nightscape Astrophotography: Connecting Earth and Sky
Access all past webinars on night sky photography: on demand

Workshops & Talks
Public Talk, Los Angeles – USC, 2017 Oct 20
Iceland Aurora Photo Tour, March 2018 (to be announced soon)
Astromaster La Palma (Canary Islands), 2018 May 15-22
California Nightscapes, Mammoth Lakes, 2018 June 7-10
Iceland Aurora Photo Tour, Sep 2018 (to be announced soon)

Recently Hold
Maine Astronomy Retreat, 2017 July 24-29
Iceland Aurora Photo Tour, 2017 Sep 15-25/21-25