Publications Appearances

As a photojournalist who merges science, art, and culture, writing and media communication has been always a part of my career. Between 1997 to 2011 while I was living in Tehran I appeared in more than 100 TV programs on astronomy and space, often with several million viewers. I was also editor at Iranian astronomy magazine (Nojum) during this period. Since I moved to Germany and then to the United States, I’m contributing to the National Geographic various platforms, Sky&Telescope magazine (the world’s most respect astronomy magazine), and other publications and broadcasters. These are the latest:

The Word at Night book, Spectacular Photographs of the Night Sky

Light Pollution: Our nights are getting brighter, and Earth is paying the price

What ‘Earthrise’ meant to scientists, journalists, artists on Apollo 8 view of the Earth from the moon

National Geographic 2017 eclipse across America and the Live Coverage

Borderless Sky 5-episode documentary for Arte TV, aired in summer 2017 in France and Germany (Expedition Sternenhimmel).

Chasing Eclipses Across 7 Continents on National Geographic Travel

World’s Best Stargazing Sites on National Geographic Travel

7 Magical Places to View Auroras on National Geographic Travel

Top Ancient Sites for Stargazing on National Geographic Travel

National Geographic Cover image, special issue Hidden Earth

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