Virtual Reality Nightscapes

360-degree panorama images presented both in Virtual Reality and cinematic experience. Move around and feel the joy and awe of being under the starry sky.
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Colors of the Far North | This was the strongest most colorful aurora I have ever photographed pole to pole when the northern lights dressed in pastels. On 2015 March 17/18 a major solar eruption arrived to our planet and created aurora storm level of Kp 9. The northern lights started in twilight, illuminating the landscape in purple and green, casting shadows, and dominating the entire sky. Fine Art print

A Summer Night of Sierras | It’s easy to become acquainted with the beauty, peace, and silence of a natural night. Although it reminds many of dark colorless eerie environment, night reveals a universe less appreciated due to light pollution and city life. Photographed in Sierra Nevada, California. Fine Art print

Skywalker | The Milky Way at moonset with a man standing on a rock in Atacama Desert pf Chile. Strong red airglow (natural emission from the Earth upper atmosphere) appears on the left side and the Magellanic Clouds are right above the stargazer. Fine Art print

Observatory | The historic 60 inch telescope on Mount Wilson Observatory near Los Angeles. Its “First light” was 1908 December 8 when it was the world’s largest operational telescope. It became one of the most productive telescopes in history. Today it is available to enthusiasts for observations and events as one of the world’s largest telescopes devoted to general public.

Desert Solitaire | Standing under a giant natural arch in moonlight in Utah’s Arches National Park, where desert becomes a rock wonderland, where the stars touch the Earth. This is a tribute to Edward Abbey, the author of iconic autobiography book Desert Solitaire: A Season in the Wilderness (1968), of his experiences as a park ranger here. He became a voice for environmental issues and public land. Fine Art print

Crystal Clear | The Galaxy and green airglow in ideally dark sky above a Lake in the Sierras at 9000 ft. In a clear dark sky like this it’s so refreshing to watch the summer Milky Way. This is one of the magical spots I do my annual summer photography workshop (California Nightscapes) in August.

Lowest in America | Desert landscape under moonlight with a salt crust formed honeycomb shapes known as crack polygon, form from thermal contraction. Standing on the Badwater area in Death Valley National Park (California), this is the lowest point in the entire North America, with an elevation of 282 ft below sea level (-86 meters). Sirius is on the left. It’s the brightest star in the Earth night sky. Death Valley is one of the driest places on the planet and a vast Dark Sky Park, where natural night is protected from light pollution. Fine Art print

Glacier | A magnificent night in the far north in early March. This spectacular glacier in southeast Iceland became alive at dark with aurora borealis shining bursting above it. The frozen lagoon is on the foot of 2110-meter high ice-covered Oraefajokull volcano, within the Vatnajokull National Park. Even to me who travels twice a year to Iceland for aurora phototours, this was a stunning night when aurora activity reached storm level. Fine Art print

Desert Road | Atacama Desert in Chile has some of the clearest skies for both hobby stargazers and astronomers. This view of the southern sky and the Milky Way is taken on the moments of moonset. Fine Art print

Time Travel to 1880: In dark a starry night of Death Valley National Park, I’m standing next to these 1880s mining wagons in the Harmony Borax Works. Light of Las Vegas, about 90 miles away, is visible from behind the hills.

Rockies Winterscape: It was a late November night, under crystal clear sky in moonlight, standing on a frozen lake and facing the iconic Maroon Bells peaks of Rocky Mountains. Fine Art print

Tenerife in Moonlight | On this spring night at an elevation of 2,000 meters (6,000 ft) I was in Teide National Park of Tenerife, Canary Islands. Mt Teide volcano (3718 m) visible in the view is about 7500 m above the floor of the Atlantic which makes it the highest point across this Ocean. The red bizarre flower is “Echium wildpretii,” known as tajinaste in Spanish is about 1-3 meters tall.

Cosmic Reflections | This lake at this very clam night reflecting the galaxy, looked a like a portal to the entire universe. One of the most enchanting views at night is when stars and the Milky Way, in an ideal dark sky, reflect on calm waters. Try it next time you travel somewhere far from the light pollution. The water surface diffuses the image and reveal more star colors. This is a summer night from a lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains, California. The dazzling orange star in the sky is planet Mars at its closest to the Earth, and brightest.

Ancient Rock Art | Prehistoric petroglyph in Teimareh, central Iran. With about 30,000 identified images, it is one of the world’s most populated rock art sites, still largely unexplored. I photographed this unique panel of over 150 pictures, left from various eras, on a winter night a few years ago. There are signs of the first horse riding in the Middle East (~ 6000 years ago). Others belong to late Paleolithic (~ 12000 years old). But few of them might be even surprisingly older, up to 20,000 years. They show animals that became extinct in this region by the ice age, possibly a Smilodon (saber-toothed tiger) and a large armadillos known as Glyptodon.

Mono Lake | The moon rises in this summer midnight of Mono Lake, California. I’m surrounded by these amazing tufa formations, limestone formed by the precipitation of carbonate minerals in water. Mono Lake has no outlet and trapped salt made the lake very alkaline and salty. But the lake has an unusually productive ecosystem.

Tree of Life | Standing under this giant oak in a clear winter night of Germany I could feel how we are connected. There are almost 8 billion of us, each on a random branch but with a unified root, connected to the entire life on this planet. The Tree of Life concept is found in many cultures.

Ludwig Castle | From this perspective at 3am standing next to the giant walls of Neuschwanstein castle, the scene was surreal against the starry sky. Out of about 20,000 remaining castles in Germany, this one in the Bavarian Alps is an iconic landmark. The palace of Neuschwanstein (New Swan Stone) was built in the 19th-century, home to the eccentric king Ludwig II who was in love with artistic and architectural projects and spent all his royal revenues on these unusual castles. This extreme passion was used against him to declare him insane. He died young mysteriously at 40.

Zabriskie Point | The setting moon shines the last rays on erosion formation in the desert composed of sediments which dried up 5 million years ago, located in Death Valley National Park.

Veresk | The light on the railway Veresk bridge in the Alborz Mountains of Iran was boldly shining to the dark valley underneath where I was standing. The 110-meter tall bridge was built before World War II by Austrians for the railway between Tehran and the Caspian Sea.