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Antigua Nightscapes

Char Joslin, New York (Antigua Jan. 2020) I attended the Antigua nightscapes. It was excellent!

Charlotte Said, New York (Antigua Jan. 2020) Amazing informational sessions and great hands on help in the field. I didn’t know a TON about my camera in the beginning and they helped get me comfortable with using it especially at night. Photo © Charlotte Said.

Bettina Stelle, New York (Antigua Jan 2020). Interesting but challenging new experience for a beginner. I would suggest to maybe separate total beginners first day and give them individual technical session ( settings & focusing ). Photo © Bettina Stelle.

Michael Banbury, Delaware (Antigua Jan 2020) was great fun and I learned a lot of valuable information. As a relative newcomer to night sky photography, I felt welcomed and included in the class.