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Starry Night of Grand Teton (panorama). The Milky Way glows at the moment of moonrise on the rugged peaks in a summer night of the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Shop
Outback Australia (panorama). The Milky Way is setting above Eucalyptus trees somewhere far from city lights in New South Wales. Shop
Glacier and Aurora Storm (panorama). A magnificent winter night in the far north. This spectacular glacier and the frozen lagoon in Vatnajokull National Park of Iceland became alive at midnight with aurora borealis bursting above it. Even to me who travels twice a year to Iceland for aurora phototours, this was a stunning night. Shop
Yosemite at Night (panorama). Among the giant Sequoia trees, some of the world’s tallest, in Yosemite National Park, California. Shop
Haleakala Sunrise (panorama). Known as one of the worlds most beautiful sunrise scenes, above the edge of Haleakala Crater on the top of Maui, Hawaii, the sun rays pass through low clouds over the ocean. Shop
Life in the Galaxy (panorama). On this early morning of Ilha Grande island of Brazil, the sound of brown howler monkeys was breaking into the silence of the rainforest. I was looking overhead to the coconut trees reaching towards the Galaxy. In the center is constellation Scorpius with bright orange star Antares, in the heart of the celestial scorpion. Shop
Emerald (panorama). Strong display of the northern lights in vivid green and magenta reflects on the ocean in this very high resolution panorama, suitable for largest prints. Photographed in the western Iceland shoreline. Shop
Mediterranean Dusk (panorama). The Moon and Venus shines after sunset over Santorini island, Greece. A cruise ship is passing the island. Built on the edge of caldera, Santorini is known for its postcard views of the cliff-top towns of white traditional houses. Shop
Yosemite Autumn in Moonlight (panorama). Nightscape view of Yosemite National Park, California. Aspen trees at the shore of Merced River appear in vivid fall colors. On the left is Sentinel Dome under the moon. Bright planet Jupiter and winter constellations Orion and Taurus (with Pleiades star cluster) are in the sky. Shop
Mt Damavand in Moonlight. A road underneath, from Tehran to Caspian Sea, lights a cliffs of old lava of the past wild eruptions. The highest live volcano in Asia, it reaches 5610 m (18,400 ft). Shop
Fly Me to the Moon. We are one out of 1 trillion species currently living on Earth, a unique paradise in the harsh space ocean. ⁣In this morning of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Full moon sets at sunrise when hundreds of huge frigatebirds were flying from their nests in the nearby islands to the city’s seashore. Shop
Reaching for Stars. A self-posed photograph. The bright central bulge of the the Milky Way in the dark sky of Paranal Observatory in the Atacama Desert of Chile. Shop
Atacama Fireball. A strikingly bright colorful meteor flashes in the starry sky of Paranal Observatory in the Atacama Desert of Chile. The galactic center is rising on the horizon. Shop
Iceland Galaxy Rise. At the break of dawn, Milky Way and first morning colors appear over giant sea stacks and the light of a far fishing boat on the southern coast of Iceland. Shop
Passage of Time. Long exposure image of sky motion (Earth rotation) above 2500-years-old tombs of Persian kings. The massive cliff near Persepolis in Iran is one of most striking ancient sites. Shop
From Earth to the Universe. The night sky over a lake in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. The bright summer Milky Way stands above the Teton Range, lit by the moon on the opposite horizon. Shop
Thunderstorm. Lightning at night seen on the horizon from Haleakala volcanic summit on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Shop
Boston Full Moon. Rising at dusk over the oceanfront houses in the North Shore of Boston, it appears large due to the use of a telephoto lens and far distance to the foreground. Shop
La Palma Galaxy Rise Panorama. The Milky Way band rises above a massive caldera, filled with clouds, in Canary Islands, the location of my annual Astromaster Workshop. Shop
Aurora Rays. Fast moving northern lights made striking contrast in this pitch black natural darkness far from city lights in Iceland. Shop
Van Gogh Sky. In a moonlit autumn night of Yosemite National Park in California, the long exposure reveals the sky motion (Earth rotation). Shop
Grand Canyon Jupiter Rise. In a moonlit night of northern Arizona, Jupiter shines above the longest canyon on Earth, like a beacon in the heavens. To its right is bright orange star Aldebaran in Taurus, the Bull. SHOP
Under Yosemite Sky. Giant sequoia trees, 70-80 meters tall (210-240 ft) and up to 2700 years old, in a starry night of California. Shop
One People One Sky. The view to the night sky is shared by many, unhindered by borders. Under this single eternal roof, we all belong to one family inhabiting one single planet. Shop
Contact. The Milky Way glitters brightly over ALMA antennas, one of the world’s highest observatories, an array of 66 radio telescopes at 5000 meters high in the Chilean Altiplano. The central bulge of the Galaxy in constellations Scorpius & Sagittarius is on the top. Shop
Nature Respect (square print). Our home galaxy stands above this bending tree in Australia. Light reflects on the horizon clouds from a nearby town. Most bent trees are naturally shaped by wind or a single storm, and some lean toward a source of light. Some were intentionally made by human. The Native Americans would bend saplings to make living sign posts. Shop
Echium Planet (square print). In this dark night at an elevation of 2,000 meters on La Palma, Canary Islands, I felt like I walked into a science fiction scene. The setting moon was shining on the very top of a massive caldera. Standing on the edge the pitch-black caldera, these giant flowers, in full bloom, looked otherworldly. They are “Echium wildpretii,” or tajinaste in Spanish. reaching 1-3 meters tall. Shop
Lights and Stars (square print). Winter stars from Sirius to Orion and Taurus stands above the city glow of Frankfurt, 50 km away. Shop
Billions Upon Billions of Stars (square print). Most of human population today have lost connection to purely natural night sky due to increasing light pollution. To many the Milky Way is no longer visible and the sky became a forgotten part of nature. It is an essential element of our environment, worthy to preserve. Here the Milky Way stands above a misty seasonal lakebed in outback Australia with light of a mine on the horizon. The Magellanic Clouds are on the left. Shop
Merced River. A deer walks along the Merced River in this November morning of Yosemite National Park. Shop
Southern Ocean Nightscape (panorama). The Milky Way sinks into the ocean, above sea stacks in Port Campbell National Park, the Great Ocean Road in Australia. Shop